How was The Roll Offer Dumpster Rental Software Created. The Back Story!

Date: Mar 14, 2019 | Author: Paul DeLalla

Managing a dumpster business might sound very simple to someone on the outside. But Let's face it, it's not that simple.

The trucks, the dumpsters, the employees, all the regulations and oh the customers! And let's be honest without the customers there are no trucks, dumpsters or employees. So our main objective is to keep the customers happy! Or so you would think! I see way to many companies that clearly just don't give a rats butt about how they or their employees treat their customers. But for me being an owner operator I am able to micro manage every interaction with our customers and I treat them like guests in my home. I personally appreciate every job we get!

Working Efficiently

Well I'm not here to tell you how to run your business, but I am here to discuss being organized so that we are able to service our customers the best way we can. I personally run a very small operation, we are a young company just making our mark. After I started my business one of the first things, I realized was that if I wasn't organized, I could easy drop the ball on a pick up or deliver. If one simple order sheet slipped off my clipboard or got stuck in my road bag that order would be lost and completely off of my radar until the phone rang with a extremely angry customer on the other end.

What I was looking for!

I searched high and low for a simple dumpster rental software that was affordable and wasn't complicated to use while I was on the road. Now don't get me wrong there are plenty of software's out there. But I wanted something simple. A software so simple that I wanted to use it. So simple that it made my evening simpler (you know when you go though all the days tickets) as well. I couldn't find it. I tried a few and they all seemed designed for an employee that was sitting at a desk. Not a guy sitting behind a wheel managing an operation.

The realization

So what was the solution? I figured I would just build my own dumpster rental software. Hahaha I know that sounds insane. I had some background in working with programmers in my past life. So I searched, and after a long road of false starts and do overs I finally found the team I needed. So we got to work. The hardest part of creating the software was thinking like other company owners. The truth is we all do things a little different so I wanted to figure out a way to make everyone happy. The solution was pretty simple. Offer customization if the users needed it. Because if one user needed it chances are other users will need it as well. So that's where we are.

So what happened During development?

As we were developing the software I was constantly thinking of all these little details that would be really great to have. And I would bring them to my team and they would take the idea and incorporate them in such a way that it all felt so fluid, smooth and so easy you don't feel like you're using a software. Its just natural. Our team would take a list of my ideas and take them to development, would update and software and send it to me. And Every time I got a new release I was floored. I would get so excited about it. Anyway as we progressing I stopped and said to myself " Self " other companies would love this! So I contacted my team to had them design a self-replicating system so we can have other companies use it too. So Here we are!

Feedback needed

Here is where we want to be different from the big software companies. We want to hear from you. We want to know what you like and what you want to change or add. We aren't a huge boardroom kind of company. We are small company that wants to make a difference. My fear is that users will just walk away if it isn't perfect because they know how the big companies are. Call Quick-books and ask them to change something. Go ahead I'll wait. Haha Crazy you would never even think of that. Well I am telling you – I want to hear from you! In your account you find a support ticket system. Contact us. I will do whatever we can to get it done and If we can't I tell you.

Talk to us!

So take our free trial and give it a shot. I really look forward to your feedback.

Thank you,

Paul DeLalla

Roll Offer – Dumpster Rental Software