Dumpster Management

We have created an amazing and simple way to input all of your dumpsters details including size, type, tracking number, DEP Registration number and their pricing. We have also included the ability for drivers to mark dumpsters “Dumpster repair” that will take the dumpster out of inventory until management can address the safety issues. This can save you from dealing with accidents and even injury of your staff or the general public.

  • Complete dumpster inventory details
  • Manage size, price, registrations and more
  • Full asset management
  • Damage reporting

Client Management

We have designed the most comprehensive and easy to read Client pages. Know in a simple snapshot exactly what Dumpsters your clients have and where they are! See every transaction and more importantly every outstanding or unpaid invoice. For those of you that charge by the day or charge additional fees after a given amount of time our software tracks it all.

  • Full Client details
  • Transaction History
  • Current rentals in real-time
  • Full account tracking
  • Complete accounting details

Inventory Management

Knowledge is king! Knowing exactly what Dumpsters you have available at any give time is pure gold! Simply pick up your phone, tablet or computer and you know. No more trying to remember what containers are in the yard or scrambling through your delivery tickets. Now you will always know!

  • Realtime tracking
  • Complete inventory control
  • Full inventory details
  • Self-Replenishing inventory system

Instant Invoicing

We have created the most amazingly simple invoicing system! At the dump or transfer station and all you or your driver has to do is click on the pick up dumpster button and fill in the fields – Extra weight – Discounts – Costs of dumping (hidden from the client) and even upload a picture of the dump ticket. Later the back office can review and send the invoice directly to the clients email address on file. This saves hours of time per day even for the smallest of companies.

  • Instant transaction details
  • Full load details in real time
  • Email or print ready invoices
  • Track disposal costs on each transaction

User Management

We have created a limited access account level so your divers can do their work and use the system with out them seeing any sensitive information such as financial or customer database. No need to worry about anyone accidently deleting an order or altering something they shouldn’t be.

  • Office staff user account
  • Driver user accounts
  • Segregated data for safety

Create a 45 Days Trail Account

it will take few seconds to setup your company account. You will get a 45 days free trail. All the account features will be avalible under trial account

Affordable Package

  • Unlimited dumpsters
  • Unlimited truck
  • Unlimited users
  • Full reporting



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